Sunset Cleaning Services

Villa cleaning from 45€

This service includes a full clean of your property:

Kitchen: clean cooker, work surfaces, empty and clean all cupboards, hoover and mop floors.

Living room: get rid of all cobwebs clean all surfaces, hoover and mop floors.

Bathrooms: to clean toilet, sink, shower all tiled surfaces then hoover and mop floors. We will then remove all rubbish empty all bins and dispose of the black bags. Just before leaving the property all curtains and furniture will be sprayed so everything smells fresh for your next client or for when you return home. We also provide additional cleaning during the year for our customers at their request, if it is clean at the start of the year or at the end of the year.

price list as per property size:

2 Bed Villa 45€ per clean

3 Bed Villa 70€ per clean

4 Bed Villa 80€ per clean

5 Bed Villa 100€ per clean

Key holding service

As a company we also provide a key holding service at a price of 70€ per year.

We provide this service to make life easier for our clients as some do not live in Spain or could be away on their holidays.

We can also provide a meet and greet with your customer at the property on the day of your clients arrival to ensure they are happy and settled

Pool Cleaning Service

As a company we feel that it is our job to ensure that your pool is kept clean and healthy throughout the year. What you will get from us: During the months of May to September we will visit your villa and clean your pool twice a week, and once a week during the winter months. The service also includes your pool being cleaned and hoovered, we will also check that the pump and pipes are running correctly and that there are no leaks. We also provide all the chemicals that are required to keep your pool clean and healthy.

Price list:

Standard 8x4 pool is 60€ a month larger pool prices may vary but please do not hesitate to Call or Email to ask for prices.

We also have an annual package which starts at 650€.


While the cleaners are working hard inside our Gardener will be working on presenting the outside so that our customers have had the full package. What you get from us is all patios and sun terrace swept and tidied all leaves removed and plants watered. So you can have peace of mind that your whole property has had the full works inside and out.

Price can be agreed depending on property size please do not hesitate to Call or Email.

Jet Washing

We provide a jet washing service for drive way, patios, terraces and pool areas.

Price can be agreed depending on size of the area to be jet washed so please do not hesitate to Call or Email.

Commercial Cleaning

We provide a full cleaning service for all commercial businesses and can offer long term contracts.

Please contact us to discuss pricing options for your business.